PlannerScrapBook Association

is a NonProfit 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to helping its members find happiness and mental well-being through planners, scrapbooks, and journaling with physical and digital media. 

We do this through education, meetups on and offline, and a trade show at the end of the our fiscal year, which ends in July. 

We chose July as most other conferences and trade shows happen earlier in the year, typically. We also figured that most families are together during that time, and prices are usually lower for hotels to Las Vegas. Of course, it was the beginning of the nonprofit in 2019. 


A Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
Educational Organization

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Donation goal

This money goes directly to the Happiness and Mental Well-Being Fund. This year one member, through a scholarship, will receive the fund money to help pay for therapy.
Collected: $90.00
Goal: $250.00

Upcoming events

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Your membership gives you these benefits:

  • Newsletter of the events, ideas, products, shows, expos, conferences within the planner, scrapbook and journaling world;
  • Membership Directory; 
  • Secret Facebook Group for members;
  • Forums area to meet others online and off;
  • Jobs Board; 
  • Links to your social media to stay in contact with your friends;
  • Giving yourself and your friends the help they need;
  • Deeply discounted pricing for Trade Show and meetups;
  • A Day Book/Planner/Memory Keeping journal at the Trade Show;
  • Educational classes, workshops, and seminars online and in person. 

Other Goodies as we grow and Read more

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