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ABOUT PSBA-An Idea forms and Is set in motion

    An Idea Forms
    These two planners I received from the two large conventions I went to: FranklinPlanner 21 Day (from PlannerCon2019) and Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets (from GoWild2019) helped me write down what I wanted for my goals and legacy.

    I knew I wanted to give back in some way. After working for a nonprofit and being part of the planner community, I thought of an idea that might help others. 

    I saw that at the conventions, both wonderful the way they are, emotions run very high. Some people get overloaded by so much stimulation or noise or whatever the case might be. 

    Introverts or Extroverts 
    When you think about planning or scrapbooking or journaling, most often it is a solitary thing. You can certainly have meetups and conventions and get-togethers, and I have seen people actually plan, scrapbook, and write at these events. However, most of the time, you talk and enjoy the company of other like-minded people around you.  

    Conventions & Trade Shows
    Both conventions in 2019 were fabulous in their own special ways. What I want to do is different, not a convention but a trade show. There would still be the educational aspects, speakers, and workshops, but there would be something more. We would also have a meeting, a scholarship to help others, and a place where you could see “All the Pretty Things” of the planners, scrapbooks, and journaling worlds.

    A place where you could meetup with the people you saw online. Every person who came to the trade show, from the vendors, speakers and audience, would be a member of the organization. Each would get some type of book, similar to the one I created for GoWild2019 that would have:

    • A binding of rings, discs, coils, or bound
    • A pen for getting signatures from your friends and for writing notes
    • a Three-Month calendar with weeks/calendar spreads and a daily spread for the trade show
    • Note pages for writing notes for the classes or speakers or whatever
    • Pictures of all the attendees, vendors, speakers, sponsors with their names and social media links and a place for a signature (in alphabetical order)
    • A schedule of the Trade Show and classes
    • All of the company's names, point of contacts, their pictures and logos, with space for a signature or stamp
    • Goodies throughout the book

    I also thought, what if you asked each person who you met to sign your book? It would be like a memory keeper of all of these people you meet. You could take pictures with them and place those pictures in your book. 

    For every signature or stamp you received,  from friends, speakers, workshop teachers, and from the vendors on the trade show, you would get one FREP$. FREP$ is a Fabulous Reward, Extra Point dollar. Basically, each signature would get you a FREP dollar, which could be used on the vending floor for swag that you wanted. 

    The Meeting Portion
    The meeting portion would occur at the end of the Trade Show, and would tell about the new ideas, classes, meetups, members, companies and the scholarship give away. There would be a call for volunteers to work on committees for the following years, especially for reading through the scholarship entries and help with the trade show, online classes, and community efforts.

    Mental Well-Being Fund & Scholarship
    The Mental Well-Being Fund would give these scholarships to help them get as much therapy as we can give to them in their home town. This is the way to give back to someone within the community. As the organization grows, we hope to give to more people. We just started with a goal in order to leave a legacy.  

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