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The Conversation Starter

Sunday, December 29, 2019 9:02 AM | Laura Jevtich (Administrator)

What if you were just starting out, or had some major life change and you feel your life is not happening the way you want? You've tried journaling it out, talking to your parents, friends and/or a therapist, whoever would listen.
But you still feel alone? 

You're crafting up a storm, yet it is pretty solitary. You go to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and see planners and think, THIS is how I will get my life together. The new year is coming up and I have money in my pocket, I'll use this and get organized!

But there is still something missing. Your friends aren't around as much or they are busy doing their stuff. Your new hobby is getting you organized but you are alone; you don't speak up when you see others at the store buying supplies for their planners. You feel as though you are missing out.

What IF you joined an organization especially for you? An organization that gives you a way in to talk to others, whether at a store, a meetup, or even a conference? By joining PlannerScrapBook Association, you can see all your new friends, learn about the conferences in your area, and bring your PlannerScrapBook with you.

This PlannerScrapBook is filled with information about the conference and has the names and headshots of the speakers, teachers, organizers, and your friends. It has the logos, company name, Instagram and Facebook links, email and phone numbers of all the sponsors, vendors, and others.

You can ask people you meet to sign your book as a great conversation starter. It is your way in to finding friends, learning new ideas, and seeing all of the pretty things. It is like a scrapbook and like a planner.

Join us to get one of these PlannerScrapBooks for our Trade Show happening in July. We will have more details in the new year.  

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We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Educational Organization dedicated to creating Happiness and Mental Well-Being using planners, scrapbooks, and journals through education, trade shows, and meetups on- and off-line. 

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