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Applying to Passion Planner’s Get One Give One Program

Saturday, February 08, 2020 1:34 PM | Laura Jevtich (Administrator)

Applying to Passion Planner's Get One Give One Program

One of our members, Rachel of @motivatedbystickers and Administrator of Passion Planner Small/Compact Fans, suggested that I could apply for the Get One Give One Program. She said that since PlannerScrapBook Association (PSBA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational organization, and because of my background in nonprofit management, I should be able to receive this in-kind donation.

To the uninitiated, applying for grants and in-kind donations can be a hard process. Even people who have done them before can still run into problems. One of the biggest problems is the mindset. The thought process is something like this: 

•  Am I (or the organization) worthy to receive an awesome gift or grant? 

•  Do I say I am fabulous and poor, or fabulous and have so many needs? 

•  What if we do not have a large number of members or subscribers or people in the organization, would we be disqualified because of that?

•    Can I handle the rejection that comes with the application? 

Once you get through to the last of self-doubt questions, (it took me a day) to the next mindset of: 

•    “what the heck!” and 

•    “The deadline is close; I better get a move on this!”

And finally, to the I CAN DO THIS mindset, with answers to the questions they ask. Their questions are not hard, especially when you are organized already. You pull up your mission statement and take what is in it to heart. 

Our mission statement is:

PlannerScrapBook Association is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to helping its members find happiness and mental well-being through planners, scrapbooks, and journaling with physical and digital media. 

Creating happiness and mental well-being using our planners, scrapbooks, and journals through education, trade shows, and meetups on- and off-line.

Any which way you write it, there is planning, creating, and writing somewhere in there. We have done it, do it in the present, and more than likely will do it in the future. 

For the Get One, Give One Program, there were four questions. The hardest part for me was to keep it under 500 Characters! WOW, I would need to be succinct! I’m sure you have realized by now that I’m not, but it is true of most grants and in-kind donations. They do not want your life story, they just want the steps that you are going to take. 

To that end, my steps are now this:

  1. Write the blog post on how I applied for the in-kind donation from Passion Planners and Angelia Trinidad CEO & Owner. Done.
  2. Publish the blog post on the website and spread it out to our social media outlets. Almost finished.
  3. Offer to all who read it an incentive: if they become a member/subscriber during February, they will receive a Passion Planner Compact, sent to their address for free. These planners are a $30 value. 
  4. Increasing the number of members in February is a goal, and it means helping people with our Happiness and Well-Being Fund. I hope to have 25 members this month. You can join us here:

Thank you! Laura Jevtich

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We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Educational Organization dedicated to creating Happiness and Mental Well-Being using planners, scrapbooks, and journals through education, trade shows, and meetups on- and off-line. 

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