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ABOUT PSBA-Goals & Legacy

  • Goals and Legacy

    So like I said in the beginning, once I got the PowerSheets, I took a while to figure out where I wanted to be in 30 years. I created five different careers for myself, and I wanted the last one to be important to me and to others. 

    Creating a legacy is something that is written about in many different books, including several mentioned before. Not just money nor property, no; you can also give ideas and good will. I thought about what I was good at; how could I give back to communities that had helped me in the past, present, and hopefully the future? 

    Goals are talked about all over, so many time management books, planners, and every time December comes around, you name it. It does not matter when you start or write down your goals, you just have to WRITE Them DOWN. You have to begin. And that is what I did in July 2019. I wrote down the goals I wanted to accomplish on setting up and beginning a new nonprofit. 

    There were other goals for 2019, like creating and developing our home site, and we will be moving into our new home probably in March 2020. I wanted to get healthier and lose 30 pounds, sigh, that has not happened, yet, but I got another month, ha ha. I wrote a few other goals too, and they are slowly starting to happen, probably not at the lofty goals I set, but they will happen. 

    In creating a legacy and something to pass onto others in the future is a hard goal to create and maintain. It is doable, however, and I hope to create the good thoughts, feelings, and happiness for others.   

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