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ABOUT PSBA-The Nonprofit aspect & Rule of 5

    The Nonprofit Idea
    Before I started the process of creating a nonprofit organization, I did research and created a working business plan. This is how I created my first small business back in 2003. However, a business or corporation at this time did not seem to be the way I wanted to go. 

    After the great feelings working at a nonprofit, I wanted to have those feelings again. Is that selfish? I do not think so, as I try not to be a selfish person. 

    I want this organization to be kind, helpful, and yes, generous when it can be. And in order for that to be so, a nonprofit was born. 

    Informal Discussions and More Research
    From there, I had informal discussions with planner and scrapbooking friends about this organization. Many had no idea what a nonprofit could do. Some thought of the bad nonprofits in the news. Some thought that nonprofits took massive amounts of work and how in the world could I do it on my own? 

    All good questions and answers followed. From there, I did more market research and found the papercraft industry and community was quite large with sales in the Billions!

    WOW, I thought, if that is the case, then one itty-bitty nonprofit organization could possibly help more people in the long run. And so, I began to set goals needed to make a nonprofit organization with the unveiling on Giving Tuesday.

    I realize that the date of this writing is on Giving Tuesday, 2019. Sometimes life does get in the way of your goals, hahaha! 

    What is the Rule of Five? 
    The Rule of Five is a goal setting idea to be successful in life. It also worked well with me because an individual membership is $25, easily divisible by five. I wanted to make sure transparency of where the money goes is within the organization. When I figured out the membership levels, I played with Excel (remember, I used to be a computer trainer...) to figure out how to fund the organization. Each membership would do its part to pay for the scholarship money.

    Between one fifth to a quarter of the membership dues would help fund the scholarship(s). The rest would be divided up with Operational, Website, Trade Show, and Incidental Costs.  

    These are the different memberships each with the Rule of Five: 

    Individual Membership

     SM-Group Membership 

    Medium Business


    Most time management thoughts typically state having an odd number of goals, tasks, or to-dos. Some say five, others say three, and Your Money or Your Life book had nine steps. Therefore, five seems about right to me. 

    Once we start getting donations and other funds, we will be able to grow the Mental Well-Being Fund. Having a portion going into it from in the beginning, however, is the right way to go. 

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              We are a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Educational Organization dedicated to creating Happiness and Mental Well-Being using planners, scrapbooks, and journals through education, trade shows, and meetups on- and off-line. 

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